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Monday, January 30, 2006


Can You Trademark a Blog Title?

I was curious to see where my blog ranks if I tried to search for it in Google. I typed unsolicited opinions into Google to see how popular my little piece of the Internet was. Unsurprisingly, this blog didn't even make it into the search results. Surprisingly (or not), I found another Blogspot blog using a similar title, with a slight twist. That blog is named Unsolicited Opinion (with no s). This blog is Unsolicited OpinionS.

Needless to say, my illusions of being at least somewhat original were shattered. The guy even uses a tag line to end most of his posts: "But that's just my ... Unsolicted Opinion." Why didn't I think of that? We do share at least one opinion on the inanity of the so-called "War on Christmas" (I wrote about that last month here) and a brief sampling of his posts indicates some interesting thoughts. This, of course, crushes my ego even further.

Finally, I checked his archives to see when his blog started. Even though my blog wasn't as cool as his, maybe at least I could claim that my blog was first on the block. My first post on Unsolicted Opinions was on Wednesday, June 15, 2005. The first post on Unsolicited Opinion: Thursday, June 16, 2005. SCORE!!!

So now I can say, with confidence, thanks for visiting to the first, the ORIGINAL, Unsolicited Opinions. ;)


That's why I have not found your blog, BigC ;-)

Take care of the wiki,
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