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Monday, February 27, 2006


The Blip Becomes a Tremor

Well, since my post yesterday, there's been a bit of back and forth between dlamming and Ed Brayton on the DI Statement. Ed responded to dlamming's original comments, then dlamming responded to that on his blog, and Ed followed up with a second response.

Since dlamming, others, and I already had a long discussion in the comments to his blog post last week, the fact that Ed's reply appeared today almost suggests he found dlamming's post via my blog (as dlamming suggests in a comment to my previos post). However, I find this unlikely, as my Site Meter logs indicate the traffic to my blog puts me about 5 levels below "pathetic nobody." Anyway, I'm still convinced dlamming misinterpreted Ed's original argument about the DI statement.

If I get time, in a future post I'll try to make a detailed summary of the arguments on both sides thus far.

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I did indeed find dlamming's comment through your blog. I use a very cool extension for Firefox that automatically uses Google's blog search engine to find any blog that links to any page you happen to be viewing. I followed a link there to your blog, then to his blog. And you're right, he's completely misrepresenting my argument (not merely misreading, because even after being informed of what I meant he still insists on beating the hell out of his straw man version of it).
Not to mention my new response. I think I've proven my point, so I suspect the tremor will die down soon.
Well, dlamming, looking at the latest turn your arguments have taken, I have a bit more to add to the discussion. Hopefully I'll get a chance to respond this evening.

By the way, Ed, can you point me to the Firefox extension you mentioned? Thanks.
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