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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Here We Go Steelers!

If your a fan of American Football, you're looking forward to tomorrow evening. Super Bowl XL is this Sunday. I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, I'm hosting a party, and getting ready to see the Steelers kick the Seahawks' tails. The Super Bowl has grown to become an unofficial American holiday. It's the biggest American TV event of the year. Even if you're not into football, advertisers put on their best commericials to show off products during this coveted TV viewing time. The Super Bowl also means a feast of junk food. Apparently, this is the biggest American eating holiday behind Thanksgiving Day. Get your grub on, but don't overdo it! And cheer for the Steelers!


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Hey sorry, the last comment was accidentally deleted. :-(
Talking abt commercials, did we finally come to a conclusion as which one was the best?? I voted for the horse one. And what did you do with all the money you won?? More junk food huh?? ;-))
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