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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Happy Blog-O-versary!

Today, Unsolicited Opinions is a year old! I haven't been posting as frequently as I 'd like, but I'm glad I was at least able to keep this hobby up for whole year (please ignore the lack of posts from September to December). Anyway, to commemorate this happy occasion, let's take a look back on some memorable (to me at least) posts:My traffic has grown appreciably since I participated in the 35th Skeptic's Circle last month. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find my ramblings interesting. My resolution for next year: stick to a schedule of at least one new post per week. Hopefully in 2007 I'll still be around spewing opinions no one asked for.

P.S. Another significant event today: My son went poo-poo on the potty for the first time! It was a real relief for his mom and me, since he's almost 18! Kidding! Kidding! He's such a great little 2-year-old kid.


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